DX Dashboards - Limitations
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DX Dashboards - Limitations


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The following is the list of current limitations when using DX Dashboards


DX Dashboards SaaS and 21.x


AIOps Metadata (Elastic search):

1. You can only group by four buckets. UI restricts you to group beyond 4 buckets

2. The total number of buckets we allow to group by is 10000. An error is thrown in the UI for anything beyond this.

Solution: Please reduce the size of each bucket to let avoid this error



AIOps Inventory:

1. Supports only table plugin unless Aggregation is enabled. Aggregating by a field would support pie, stat etc.

2. We can fetch the max of 50K vertices in a single panel. 


AIOps Metrics:

1. We allow 10K datapoints to be fetched from the datastore

2. There is a limit on the frequency with which you can get the data. For example 30 seconds frequency is not allowed for 5 years time range etc.

Select the frequency as auto


For all the above limitations an error will be shown on the panel to the end user.


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