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Backout/fallback plan upgrading Datacom/AD MUF for CA 11 from 15.0 to 15.1


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We need to upgrade our Datacom/AD MUF release 15.0 for CA 11 to release 15.1. 
Is there a backout plan if something goes wrong?


Release : 15.1


During the upgrade, shut down the MUF and the products that use it (CA 11, for example). VERY IMPORTANT: At this point make a copy of the MUF and product STC JCL (for fallback), and then update the JCL to reflect the new Version 15.1 loadlibs and CUSMAC/CAAXMAC. Then start the MUF and the other products (CA 11, for example) and you will be running on Version 15.1.

Now, to fallback, it is as simple as doing these steps:

1. Shutting down the MUF and other products (CA 11, for example).
2. Renaming the new STC procs to another name, and the old procs to the normal production name.
3. You can then start the MUF (it should be now 15.0 again) and the other products (with the 15.0 STEPLIB), and the changes will be reverted.

Additional Information

Check Knowledge Article 204117: CA DATACOM/AD active MUF upgrade from 15.0 to 15.1

Datacom/AD 15.1 - Installing - Fall Back From 15.0 to 15.1 Upgrade