Email Notification: "Nolio: process status was changed to Running"
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Email Notification: "Nolio: process status was changed to Running"


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


When we stopped/started services, I received many emails with subject:

Nolio: process status was changed to Running. 



Release : 6.7

Component : Release Automation Management Server



Notification settings is described here: Configure Email Notifications and here: Process Notifications. However, the product documentation documents how this is done in Automation Studio. Nolio v6.7.4+ completely removes Automation Studio. If you're on this version then you can you see your notifications from the ROC Web UI -> Administration -> Notifications. 


First, each notification includes pieces of information that can help you investigate. For example: 

Process Run: <Name of process run> (<Date Process Was Started>)
Process: <Process Name>
Environment: <Environment Name> 
Architecture: <Architecture Name> 
Application: <Application Name> 


Based on the pieces of data available in the email notification you can check each process by following the instructions outlined in the section "Execute the Process" on the following page: Execute a Process.

While viewing a process that is being executed, if there is more than one instance being executed then will show a menu drop down icon to the right of "Active run: <process instance name>". Example shown below.


If you are receiving a lot of notifications, then maybe there are a lot of the same processes running that never ended. This could happen if a process is scheduled. Beginning in 6.7.3 you can view the details of scheduled processes in the Release Operations Center (ROC) Web UI. For more information see: Schedule a Process


Another way to check Actively running processes is by using the JMX listActiveRuns method - described here: How to remove hung processes via JMX

However, the listActiveRuns method in JMX will only give you the internal process id and the process name. It will not provide other details such as which application or environment it was run in. The Process Report, available from the Dashboard, will show this additional helpful information. After adding the Process Report to the Dashboard (or a new dashboard page), it will show a default of running processes between the past 7 days. You can change this by changing the filter settings of the "Creation Date" criteria. This report should show you everything the listActiveRuns page plus more, such as:

  • Application
  • Environment
  • Category
  • Process
  • Process Tag
  • Owner
  • Status Elapsed Time
  • Job Deployment
  • Creation Date

Based on this information you should be able to find the appropriate owners of the processes and determine whether or not the processes should still be running. If they are no longer needed then you can remove them either individually or in bulk using the instructions outlined here: How to remove hung processes via JMX


The notification settings + actively running processes are likely the reason for you receiving so many notifications. The information above can help you confirm the notification settings and identify the process owners of running processes (that you received notifications for) who can confirm if the processes can be stopped/cancelled. You should not receive notifications once those processes have been stopped/cancelled.