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How to move clients from old GSS server to new GSS


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Ghost Solution Suite


Guidance on how to move clients from the old active GSS server to new GSS server 


Release: 3.x


In order to move client from the old production GSS server tothe new GSS server please follow these steps.

From old GSS server open GSS console

From the left upper column under Computers

Right click on either All Computers, an OU group, or a individual computer and go to Change Agent Settings > Production Agent


Additional Information

Then from the Production Agent Settings Screen under Server Connection change the Address/Host to the IP address of the new GSS server:

Then click 'OK'

If the computes are in an OU group it may be best to perform the steps on each OU Group . When all the clients are on the new GSS server create the OU group and move the computers to that OU

When all clients are moved to the new GSS system shutdown the old server or disable the GSS services