Cisco Memory processor pool Utilization is reporting higher in Dx NetOps Portal than the device
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Cisco Memory processor pool Utilization is reporting higher in Dx NetOps Portal than the device


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps CA Spectrum


Dx NetOps Portal shows memory utilization being much higher than what is reported by the device when running:

#show processes memory sorted holding

Processor Pool Total: 1688360784 Used:  319935328 Free: 1368425456

lsmpi_io Pool Total :    6295128 Used:    6294296 Free:        832

The above shows memory utilization of approximately 18% (Processor Pool) while in Dx NetOps Portal, it shows over 80%:


Dx NetOps Portal 20.2 or later


Looking through dcdebug data, found the following values for the two OIDs used by Dx NetOps Portal to calculate the memory utilisation:

Mar 10 15:00:43.827: = 3260732


Mar 10 15:00:43.827: = 620428

This is the data returned by the device itself when Dx NetOps Portal polls it. So if we use the above two values in the Utilization equation that Dx NetOps Portal uses:

So this is:

snmpProtectedDiv ((100.0 * cpmCPUMemoryHCUsed),(cpmCPUMemoryHCFree+ cpmCPUMemoryHCUsed))


cpmCPUMemoryHCUsed =
cpmCPUMemoryHCFree =

Then we get;

where snmpProtectedDiv is "divide by"

(100.0 * 3260732) divided by (620428 + 3260732) = 326073200 / 3881160 = 84%

This is exactly what is seen in the Dx NetOps Portal views. 

If the OIDs are not in the Vendor Certification (VC) that is currently being used for these devices in Dx NetOps Portal (Cisco CPM Memory 64bits), then you will need to change it, most likely to Cisco Enhanced Memory Pool, by raising it higher in the VC priority order:


Additional Information

NetOps Spectrum uses the CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB which should be equivalent to PM's 'Cisco Memory' Vendor Cert

Spectrum is polling the CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB mib and the value is showing
   for memory is correctly calculated based on these OIDs.

ciscoMemoryPoolFree  0x210a61
ciscoMemoryPoolUsed 0x210a60