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Pre-upgrade check if you have mitigated log4j in the Kafka section of the Data Repository in a multi node cluster


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


To detect and avoid a potential upgrade issue if you have removed Kafka in a multi-node Data Repository cluster as noted in KB


If a node was down when Kafka was removed, it was only partially removed and will need to be cleaned up prior to an upgrade.  If it is not cleaned up, the upgrade will fail.


Multi-node DR installations that have removed Kafka to mitigate the log4j vulnerability


1. Access adminTools and validate ALL nodes are UP

2. Still in the base menu of adminTools, choose 2 Connect to Database

3. Run the below call, if it returns results, proceed to step 4, if there are no results you are clear:

select * from V_MONITOR.USER_LIBRARIES where schema_name='public' and lib_name='KafkaLib';


dradmin=> select * from V_MONITOR.USER_LIBRARIES where schema_name='public' and lib_name='KafkaLib';
 schema_name | lib_name |   lib_oid   | author |   owner_id   |            lib_file_name             |       md5_sum       | sdk_version |          revision          |        lib_build_tag         | lib_version | lib_sdk_version |    source_url    |      description      | licenses_required |         signature          | dependencies | is_valid |         sal_storage_id
 public   | KafkaLib | 45035996273820854 | Vertica | 45035996273704962 | | ffb921497149b29b87f6e0b4cb2d3309 | 10.1.0   | releases/VER_10_1_RELEASE_BUILD_1_0_20210413 | releases/VER_10_1_RELEASE_BUILD_1_0_20210413 | v10.1.1-0  | 10.1.0     | | Kafka streaming load and export |          | releases/VER_10_1_RELEASE_BUILD_1_0_20210413 |       | t    | 02d313c660dad61c6e74732c4db7a71c00a000000001c4b6

4. If step #3 does show the results in the example, ensure one last time that all nodes are UP:

select node_name, node_state from nodes;


dradmin=> select node_name, node_state from nodes;
     node_name     | node_state
 v_drdata_node0001 | UP
 v_drdata_node0002 | UP
 v_drdata_node0003 | UP
(3 rows)

5. If all nodes are still UP, drop the Kafka package:


6. Re-run step #3 to ensure there are no more results shown

Additional Information

This can be done in advance of the upgrade attempt.