Upgrade BMC Firmware on ProxySG and Advance Secure Gateway ASG
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Upgrade BMC Firmware on ProxySG and Advance Secure Gateway ASG


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SG-S500 ASG-S400 ASG-S200 ASG-S500


Instructions on how to upgrade the BMC firmware on ProxySG and ASG devices.


To upgrade the BMC firmware:

1. Open a serial console connection to the appliance.

2. Install and Upgrade the new Hardware Diagnostics:

ProxySG> en
ProxySG# conf t
ProxySG(config) diag-upgrade-path <URL for specific model of ProxySG>
ProxySG(config) exit
ProxySG# load diag-upgrade
ProxySG# restart upgrade

The following example shows how to install diagnostics on the SG-S500:

Blue Coat SG-S500 Series>en
Blue Coat SG-S500 Series#conf t
Blue Coat SG-S500 Series#(config)diag-upgrade-path https://ftpdocs.broadcom.com/cadocs/0/symantecbto/download/direct/diag/s500-diag.bcsi
Blue Coat SG-S500 Series#(config)exit
Blue Coat SG-S500 Series#load diag-upgrade
  Downloading from "https://ftpdocs.broadcom.com/cadocs/0/symantecbto/download/direct/diag/s500-diag.bcsi"
  The new diagnostic software has been successfully downloaded.
  From enable mode use "restart upgrade" to install the new diagnostic software.
Blue Coat SG-S500 Series#restart upgrade
  restart upgrade initiated ...
3. Start Hardware Diagnostics:

a) When the boot menu appears, press the 'space bar' before five seconds elapses. If you do not press the 'space bar' in time, you will need to restart the process.
b) Press 'd' to display the Diagnostics menu.
c) Enter a numeric value (the default is 1) to select the Diagnostics system to load. The system loads while displaying status messages (for example, "Booting Version: CA, Release id: 0 Symantec Hardware Diagnostics"). After three to five minutes, the screen turns gray, indicating that Hardware Diagnostics has loaded.

4. Upgrade the BMC firmware:

a)At the Diagnostics prompt, enter: upgrade bmc
b)When prompted, enter 'y' to proceed with the upgrade. The upgrade will take around three minutes for S400 and S500 appliances.
c)When the message 'BMC Upgrade Successful' appears, press 'Enter' to return to the Diagnostics prompt.

5. Perform a cold restart:

a)At the Diagnostics prompt, enter 'exit' to restart the appliance.
b)When the 'BIOS, CPU, and Total Memory' screen appears, 'unplug' both power cords from the appliance.
c)Wait 30 seconds.
d)Reconnect the power cords to the appliance.
e)Restart the appliance.

Note: The ProxySG/ASG will boot up on the default version set in 'Maintenance - Upgrade - Systems' in the device WEB UI due to the 'restart upgrade' command in step 2. If required, set the current SGOS/ASGOS version as the 'default' version.


Additional Information

For additional information on hardware diagnostics, refer to the kb-article "How to upgrade hardware diagnostics and BMC firmware on S-Series appliances" TECH246290.

To upgrade the Hardware Diagnostics on Content Analysis CAS appliances refer to the following guide Upgrade Hardware Diagnostics on Content Analysis.