Windows ADK Import to Deployment Solution taking hours without indication of progress
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Windows ADK Import to Deployment Solution taking hours without indication of progress


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Deployment Solution


It is noticed after importing a Windows ADK to Deployment Solution (Settings > Deployment > Preboot Configurations) the console status of "Deployment Solution is importing the Windows ADK to use WinPE as a preboot environment" is still showing after waiting hours for the import to finish. It is also noticed that the hour glass indicating the upload is there well after the 10-15 min interval has passed.


Deployment Solution 8.6


Possible bad installation of Windows ADK


Ensure the Windows ADK was installed correctly. The latest versions of WinPE 10 and 11 require two downloads, two installs

Windows ADK
Windows PE add-on for the Windows ADK

They must be installed by a user with administrator rights with UAC turned all the way down. The installation can also be problematic with antivirus installed and we recommend disabling it temporarily while the ADK installs. The installation also requires the server to have internet access. If the server does not have internet access, an offline installer package will need to be created off-box. Both installs should be installed in the default location.

Since Bootwiz uses the temp directory to build the WAIK folder it is also suggest that any Group Policies that are built to protect writing against the Windows\Temp directory they be temporarily not enforced.

Once both ADK installs are properly installed (may require uninstall/reinstall), check the PrebootOS.ini file to verify if the version of WinPE you attempted to import is listed as "Installed=True". If it is listed as "Installed=True", change to "Installed=False" as outlined in the following KB:

At this point we recommend attempting to manually import the ADK to bootwiz.exe as this will provide an error message quickly if the next import fails.

To do this, navigate to %ProgramFiles%\Altiris\Deployment\BDC\bootwiz\BootWiz.exe on the Notification Server/SMP.

Run BootWiz.exe as administrator. 

The first Window may prompt you to import a preboot OS. If it doesn't, navigate to Tools > Install Pre-Boot Operating Systems

Select the Pre-boot OS version you installed from the list, then in the location section at the bottom, select the radio button for "Pre-installed WAIK" and enter the path as follows:

Later versions of WinPE 11 may use a different path but as of 1/28/22, C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10 is the default path for the latest ADK (even for WinPE 11).

Import both the x86 and x64 versions keeping the path the same on both.

Once imported, verify the PrebootOS.ini file is changed to Installed=True and that the console no longer indicates it is importing.

At this point you should be able to build a preboot config with the newly installed/imported ADK.

If you are still seeing issues, contact Broadcom Support.