PEC EC=8 and EC=9 errors
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PEC EC=8 and EC=9 errors


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There are many articles relating to different aspects of these two networking errors in Harvest.  Below is a handy reference to make them easier to find.


Harvest Software Change Manager version 12.x and above


Article number Title Description
44341 Cannot check out - EC=9 After upgrading to Windows 10, the user cannot check out - getting a timeout error. Output log shows EC=9.
207661 PEC EC=9 Error on Load or Check In We recently upgraded to Harvest 13.0.4 and Oracle 19c. This was our first attempt to load or check in. We are getting a long delay and then eventually a PEC EC=9 error.

We can create packages, update forms and query the database just fine.
231652 Unable to checkout: Network timeout (PEC ec=9) Hi,

I have the workbech v14.1 64 bits on machine A and the harvest server version 14.1 on server B (both windows SO)

I have the broker port and the range configured in the (setopt direct_connect_port_range 2400,2499) and enabled bidirecional on the firewall (broker: TCP_5101 and the range: TCP_2400-2499).

I can connect through the workbench from machine A to harvest server B, see the packages and associated files, but when I try to checkout files, I'm not able to do the operation. I found the below errors on the logs:

workbench: E03020134: Network timeout (PEC ec=9).
Server: -- SEND ERROR:   HSRV_E_MESSAGE Network timeout (PEC ec=9)
Since the ports are open, what is your advice to debug the behaviour, since it apears it cannot connect when I checkout files?
207803 Checkin/Checkout by remote access not possible The exectuion of remote checkin/checkout leads to the following error message in output log:

E03020134: Network timeout (PEC ec=9).

Connection to broker and create packages are possible.

In firewall traces we see while accessing the application further blocked ports (51755,63301).
Normally we use ports 5101-5150. Can the used ports be restricted?
20528 CM file parameters you can change to address PEC ec=8 error When doing SCM checkin, checkout, hsync, hrefresh etc. transactions, due to slow network you might experience random errors like this:

E03020134: Unable to establish a remote connection (PEC ec=8).

In such cases, the PEC and files can be modified to increase timeout value to avoid this error.
220783 Need compatibility with zScalar networking system After converting from a regular networking system to the zScalar system, users are getting a lot of timeout errors:

Unable to establish a remote connection (PEC ec=8)

Only disabling zScalar seems to resolve the problem, but this is a requirement so it cannot be a permanent solution.  What can be done to allow Harvest to work successfully in a zScalar environment?
103314 Checkout for Brows system hangs Unable to check files for update for brows system hangs.
Error message - timeout 
188382 Checkout issue from VDI's We have started to experience user issues with checkout (browse or update) now that offshore users started using VDI’s to access Harvest.  This is due to them now having to work from home

They can open Harvest and navigate around but the client timeout during checkout

Can you help troubleshoot anything or is it a network only issue?
228796 How to Build an HCO command from Workbench When having trouble checking out files in Workbench, sometimes it helps to use the "hco" command line utility so that extra network tracing can be added to the log file.  But, all the options in the "hco" command can be confusing.  How can the command be built using the information you see in Workbench?