Decomposer 28 errors on large tar files with corrupt headers
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Decomposer 28 errors on large tar files with corrupt headers


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Protection Engine for Cloud Services


A new set of files is causing Decomposer 28 errors. These files are large (>30GB), and have corrupted headers. The GNU tar command can open these files, but third party applications such as 7-zip are not able to open these files.

When you raise CSAPI logging, the resulting CSAPI logs contain entries similar to the following:

[1631611383,9/14/21, 2:53 PM,PID:7469,TID:4225296128,  ERROR, SGS]  CStargateResultHandler::handleContainerProcessingResults(), Error in container processing. Container processing status: 0x80800204




[1631611383,9/14/21, 2:53 PM,PID:7469,TID:4225296128,  ERROR, SGS]  CStargateResultHandler::handleContainerProcessingResults(), Can not decompose the file, ScanFile decompose error, name:2_hg19_bed.tar.gz/2_hg19_bed.tar , extension: tar [csapi_cstargateresulthandler.cpp:906(handleContainerProcessingResults)]


Release : 8.2.x



ENGINEERING confirmed that these files are corrupted. While Protection Engine could do a better job of recovering, doing so in a way similar to recent versions of GNU tar command would be an enhancement request.

Additional Information

Use CSAPI logging to trace through the error behavior. For Windows steps, see 157519. For Linux steps, see 164895.