View To-Dos: Minimum access right
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View To-Dos: Minimum access right


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What are the minimum access rights needed to view To-Dos in Clarity? 


The following Global access rights are required for creating To-Dos in projects

Projects - Navigate
Tasks - Navigate
To Do - Navigate
To Do - Create - All
To Do - Edit - All (or To Do - View - All)

Additionally, you need, Project View rights (either instance, OBS or global level)

Without the Project view right, you will get an error when accessing the Tasks tab:

Error: API 1007: You are not authorized to process requests. Contact your system administrator for necessary security rights.

From 16.0.0 onwards, you will be able to see the To Dos on the To Dos workspace even if the Project View right is not granted.

Please see:

Unable to view To Dos without explicit Project - View right



Additional Information

We only have Global access rights for To Dos. There are no plans to have instance/OBS rights, nor access based on the To Do Owner for Investments and Tasks.
Checklist To Dos can be Private and not shared.