How to migrate a DX NetOps Data Collector install to a new host
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How to migrate a DX NetOps Data Collector install to a new host


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We need to migrate our Data Collector (DC) from a server running RH 6.x to a new server running RH 7.x.

How can we migrate the Data Collector to the new server so that the devices managed by the Data Collector are not impacted?

How do you migrate a Data Collector?

Migrating a DX NetOps Performance Management Data Collector to a new host.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


When performing a migration like this the steps we'd follow are on the Update the Data Collector documentation page.

The DcmID (the Unique Identifier the docs discuss) is how the Data Aggregator (DA) ties to the managed devices to the DC that manages it.

With the old DC install stopped, when the new one starts while using the same DcmID the DA treats it like the old DC host. It then assigns the same devices to the DC on RH 7.x to start polling them.

Once the move is confirmed and the devices are being polled by the new DC, if for any reason we end up with a stale, or 'ghost', DC left over in the UI from the old RH 6.x system, the Remove stale Data Collector from Performance Center KB article has steps to get rid of it.

Additional Information

r3.7 Update the Data Collector documentation

r20.2 Update the Data Collector documentation