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Endevor/COBOL 6.3 foreground compile error "IGYCB7145-U INSUFFICIENT MEMORY ..."


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)


Recently upgraded COBOL to 6.3 and tested a compile in Endevor batch successfully without error.
Created new COBOL 6.3 processor group and testing in ENDEVOR foreground, and received return code 16 with message:

Where can the memory size be set for Endevor foreground session?


Release : 18.0, 18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


COBOL 6.x requires more memory/storage per KB article 72839: Using the IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 5.1 and above with CA Endevor
When upgrading to the COBOL V5 or higher, CA Endevor COBOL Generate processors might need to be updated to increase storage requirements.

Recommend the following as a way to determine the necessary increase:
- Compile a large program (ideally the largest one you can find onsite) outside of CA Endevor with the old COBOL.
- Reduce the REGION size until the compile fails. Note the minimum REGION required by the old compiler (REGION_OLD).
- Do the same thing with the new compiler. Note the minimum REGION required by the new compiler (REGION_NEW).
- Increase the REGION size for CA Endevor batch runs by the difference (REGION_NEW minus REGION_OLD).

** Remember that REGION= specified in the JOB statement overrides REGION= specified in the EXEC statement.
This means that CA Endevor users need to remove or change the REGION parm in the JOB cards used when submitting a batch job from CA Endevor.

For Endevor foreground executions, the memory allocation for the processor relies on the user's TSO Logon REGION size. If it is not possible to increase the REGION size then the compile will need to be run in batch.
Related KB article:  CA Endevor Foreground generates fail with a U4093 abend

For Endevor batch executions, per above article 72839, "REGION= specified in the JOB statement overrides REGION= specified in the EXEC statement", so allocating enough REGION on the job statement is the easiest option.
Otherwise, the default REGION size (4096K) for the EXEC of NDVRC1 in job step NDVRBAT can be increased in the skeleton C1SB3000 (library CSIQSENU).
NOTE: There are also 2 other skeletons ENDES000 & ENSP1000 that can also be changed in that way.
C1SB3000 - Endevor actions submitted to batch
ENDES000 - Quick-edit actions submitted to batch
ENSP1000 - Batch package facility

Additional Information

NOTE: Adding REGION to the EXEC statement on the Compile step in the processor does not effect the amount of store obtained because REGION is an unsupported EXEC statement parameter: