File Authentication failed when Reencrypting folders with Symantec File Share Encryption
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File Authentication failed when Reencrypting folders with Symantec File Share Encryption


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File Authentication failed when Reencrypting folder with Symantec File Share Encryption for folders already encrypted with File Share Encryption

When attempting to reencrypt a folder, the following errors may appear:

File authentication failed [0xffffd314] [C:\folder\file.pdf]
File re-encryption failed [0xffffd12d] [C:\folder\file.pdf]
Error: File authentication failed [0xffffd314]
Error: Unexpected error occurred - skipping [0xffffd13c] 

When this happens, various files or folders may not reencrypt and the reencryption process may halt.

When this happens, decrypting the folders may also run into the same errors and halt the decryption process.


When the above error messages happen during a reencryption routine, the process will halt and no further files/folders will be processed.

Sometimes copying these affected folders locally, and then copy/pasting them back to the folder will fix these issues, and the reencryption will continue for these specific files, but could stop on other files randomly.

Files that previously could be processed, may also run into this issue.  The cause of this issue is unknown, but with this scenario, one solution may be to create a new share, then encrypt the newly-created share with the same keys, and then copy/pasting the files having issues into this share will reset the encryption and should then allow reencryption to work.

This should be a rare condition and should not happen.  To troubleshoot this issue further, please contact Symantec Support.