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Alternative process to change Applications Manager password


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


There is a simpler alternative way of changing the Applications Manager Oracle password compared to what is written in the documentation. Below is the process for this.


Release : 9.3

Component :


1. Stop all processes with 'stopso all' command in Unix/Linux or stop watchworx service in Windows.

2. Change the password in Oracle. This generally requires the DBA to log into Oracle and run the sql "Alter user <USER> identified by <pw>; ". However please refer to DBA for this step.

3. Sqlplus into Oracle with the new password

4. Run the below sql:
update so_ids set so_encrypted = 'N' where so_login = '<AM Oracle user>';

5. Update the password with below sql and commit:
update so_ids set so_passwd = '<new_DB_password>' where so_login = '<AM Oracle user>';

6. Exit Sqlplus and make a backup of the file

7. Run awinstall until ONLY AFTER you enter in the new password. Then you can go ahead and quit. You will see below that a new file is created.

If needed, please refer to Article 92389 which details how to run awinstall.

8. Restart all processes with 'startso all' comand in Unix/Linux or start the AM watchworx service in Windows

9. Run the command 'awexe id_recrypt' to re-encrypt password that was unencrypted in step 4.

Password change complete