Alternative process to change Applications Manager password
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Alternative process to change Applications Manager password


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


There is a simpler alternative way of changing the Applications Manager Oracle password compared to what is written in the documentation. Below is the process for this.


1. Stop all processes with 'stopso all' command in Unix/Linux or stop watchworx service in Windows.

2. Change the password in Oracle. This generally requires the DBA to log into Oracle and run the sql "Alter user <USER> identified by <pw>; ". However please refer to DBA for this step.

3. Sqlplus into Oracle with the new password

4. Run the below sql:
update so_ids set so_encrypted = 'N' where so_login = '<AM Oracle user>';

5. Update the password with below sql and commit:
update so_ids set so_passwd = '<new_DB_password>' where so_login = '<AM Oracle user>';

6. Exit Sqlplus and make a backup of the $AW_HOME/data/ file by renaming it to or any other name (do not use since AM uses this as a backup name)

7. Run awinstall until ONLY AFTER you enter in the new password. Then you can go ahead and quit. You will see below that a new file is created in the data directory.

If needed, please refer to Article 92389 which details how to run awinstall.

8. Restart all processes with 'startso all' comand in Unix/Linux or start the AM watchworx service in Windows

9. Run the command 'awexe id_recrypt' to re-encrypt password that was unencrypted in step 4.

Password change complete