How to upgrade DLP running on rhel 6.10 to rhel 8.x


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


When upgrading from 15.5 /15.7 to 15.8 to rhel 8.x. The 15.8 version is the only version that supports rhel 8.x. This causes an issue when doing migration since 15.7 and below only support rhel 7.x and 6.x


DLP 15.5 and 15.7 does not support rhel 8.x 


Release : 15.8

Component :rhel 8.x 


1. On the rhel 6.10 with DLP 15.5/15.7 the needs to be created for 15.5 or 15.7 see ReinstallationResources Guide.

2. On a new server with RHEL 8.x installed copy the and the 15.8 platform zip file and the 15.5/15.7 platform zip files. 

3. Extract the version of DLP that the was created with. 

4. Install the 15.5/15.7 rpms, then go to the <installationdirectory>/Protect/Install (NOTE: 15.5. 15.7 rpms must be installed with rpm -ivh -nodeps switches)

5. Run the EnforceServerConfigrationUtiltity with the -initializeDatabaseOption=Preserve -reinstallationResourceFile=/path/to/

6. Once that is complete install the 15.8 rpms as normal

7. Run the URT and Migration utility, and migrate to 15.8. 

8. Run any post migration tasks i.e copy edms, idms over to new server. 

9. reinstall license files. 


Additional Information

NOTE: reinstallationresourcesutility only works when reinstalling the same version the zip file was created from. It is not supported as a method to upgrade or migrate to a new version.

NOTE: 15.8 stores the keystore in the /var directory not the /opt this applies to both Enforce and Detection servers.