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How to get LAN user interfaces from VNA into Spectrum but prevent them from raising alarms


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Spectrum integrated with CA Virtual Network Assurance (VNA) allows the provisioning of Software Defined Network (SDN) User Interfaces in Spectrum. However, in many cases, alarming on these interfaces when they go down is not desirable. For example, LAN interfaces may be used to allow users temporary access to corporate networks whereby the plugin their laptop when they arrive in the office and then unplug it again when they leave. By unplugging it, VNA would then see this as interface connection down and signal Spectrum accordingly, so raising an alarm:

But alarming of this nature is not useful as this is expected behaviour and if there are many users doing this, the system can experience a flood of unneeded alarms.


The scenario here concerns the operational usage of LAN (Ethernet) interfaces. These are provisioned in Spectrum from VNA. They represent user interfaces where employees come in to work, plug their laptops into the LAN in the morning and then unplug them again when they leave. This raises alarms in Spectrum:


Which just floods the system with unnecessary alarms since this is normal behaviour on the network. Business requirements however, necessitate that this alert is raised for WAN interface, just not for LAN (User) Interfaces.


DX NetOps 20.2 or later Spectrum integrated with VNA


The following KB details how to do this, where we can customize a particular event based on model type:

KB : How to configure CA Spectrum events to be processed differently for a specific Model Type

By changing the scope of an event (from Global to a model type (mtype)), a new event will be created with same event type.  This allows the new event to be customised based on requirements.

New event overrides only for given mtype and for other mtypes, the old event only will be applied.

Additional Information

If the alarm is not needed for any interface, then the custom event filters or the blacklist / whitelist filtering can be used:

TechDocs : VNA 21.2 - Manage Global Notification Filters