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Create a project template with cost plan


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Can you create a project template that includes a cost plan so other projects can be created from this template and have already a cost plan assigned to it? If so, how this be done?


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This is possible, but note the following conditions that can prevent this from happening:  

  • The entity associated with the template must match the entity associated with the new project. If not, the plans are not copied over.
  • Active processes cannot run on the template. Otherwise, the financial plan will not copy.
  • The template cannot include submitted, approved, or rejected budget plans. Otherwise, the plans do not copy.
  • Fiscal periods must exist for the periods the new cost plan would be set to. See Cost and benefit plans not copied from template - alert "active fiscal periods could not be found..." for more details. Therefore, it's recommended to update your template's cost plan dates so that the dates use active fiscal periods. If the templates dates cannot be changed, you can create a new template with current cost plan dates. 

Additional Information

Reference Rules for Copying Financial Plans from Project Templates 

The following rules apply when you copy financial plans from a template to a new or existing project:

  • The start and end periods for the source project cost plan are based on the start and end dates of the target project.  
  • The ID for a financial plan in the template shouldn't match the ID for a financial plan in the new project. Otherwise, the financial plan from the template is copied over to the new project and the plan ID is suffixed.
  • If the project to which you are copying (the target) and the template both have a cost plan of record (POR), then the target project retains its POR. The POR from the template is copied to the target project as a cost plan that is not the POR.