Cost and benefit plans not copied from template - alert "active fiscal periods could not be found..."


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Cost and benefit plans are not copied over from the template when a project is created from a template. This could also happen when performing a XOG write action of a project into the application using a Project Template.

When you create a Project 'New From Template', you may encounter the following alert:

ALERT:Cost plans not copied because active fiscal periods could not be found for one or more start periods or end periods 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a Project Template with a start date that is sometime in the past 
  2. Within the Project Template, setup financial properties and create a Cost Plan that spans the date range of the template project 
  3. Navigate to the Project List View 
  4. Click the 'New from Template' button 
  5. Select the Project Template 
  6. Enter a new start date that is later than the project template start date 

Expected Result: Cost Plan from Project Template is copied successfully

Actual Result: Alert message is displayed and Cost Plan is not copied


Clarity has a business rule that will keep the same length of time for creating the new financial plans.  Therefore, using the example above, the new project will get created with a date range of 36 months based on the template.  
Entity Fiscal time periods need to be available into the future to cover the expected length of time from the originating project in order for new Financial Plans to be created. For example, if fiscal time periods are not created for 2017, financial plans with dates in 2017 will not copy to a new project. So, make sure you have enough fiscal Time Periods available for future dates that you are using.


Release: Any


Create 'future' Entity Fiscal time periods for any dates that are used in cost or benefit plans in Project Templates.
  1. Navigate to Administration, Finance: Setup, Entities
  2. Locate and open the Entity associated with the Department OBS
  3. Navigate to the Fiscal Time Periods tab
  4. Look for active Fiscal Time Periods for the specific Period Type that cover the date range of the new project

Additional Information

Reference: Project Fields Used for Copying Financial Plans for an explanation on how the dates shift in the cost plan based on the new project dates and the overall functionality when copying cost plans from a template.