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CA Release Automation Upgrade


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


What is the sequence in which we should upgrade?

How can we determine the GA version and cumulative prerequisites?

What are instructions and prerequisite prior to applying cumulative?

What are best practice guidelines prior to upgrade?



Release : 6.6.x, 6.7.x

Component : CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center



There are various thing need to be consider prior to upgrade. The below list of frequently asked question around upgrade will help you with same.

  • What is the general upgrade sequencing?

Please refer below diagram to understand the general upgrade path along with example illustrating same.

  • What are best practice guide to be considered prior to upgrade?

Please refer to Knowledge Base (KB) Best Practices Guide prior to Release Automation upgrade to get details around best practices and checklist prior to upgrade.

  • How to determine the GA version number for the CARA version planned to upgrade?

This can be determined easily from documentation. If you are planning to upgrade to version X.Y.Z please go to CARA documentation for that release. On the documentation section identify the release notes and open any cumulative(minor) release notes. On the cumulative page identify "Install the Patch" and on the patch you will see a pre-requisite for this patch which is nothing but a GA version of the release. For example if planned is to upgrade to 6.7, we will first go to 6.7 release notes => Cumulative(minor) release notes => "Install the Patch" => we see pre-requisite as below and identified the GA version for 6.7 is 6.7.0b81

  • What is Sanity check? 

Sanity check implies a validation test performed on system post upgrade or applying cumulative. It can be performed simply by trying to login to ROC, navigating and testing various sections like process design, components and try running a simple test process. It should be performed when NAC service is started and running (only applicable in case of NAC upgrade)

  • Why is Sanity check important?

It is important as the sanity check outcome will provide a quick feedback to decide whether to revert or to move ahead. Also to perform sanity check the system need to be started and hence it will provide time for the system to do related DB activities like indexing, DB update script etc. It will also provide an intermediate milestone in case if planned is to apply cumulative(minor) release over the GA version.

  • What is meant by Revert changes or Rollback?

 The Revert changes or Rollback means moving back to the backup created prior to upgrade or applying cumulative. In general, it may include below steps depending on your environment
    1: Stop NAC/NES
    2: Restore the DB (only applicable in case of NAC)
    3: Restore the NAC/NES from snapshot in case of VM (or restoring backup component install directory)
    4: Start the NAC/NES

Additional Information

Troubleshooting: Please find below mention some additional Knowledge Document (KB) which can provide some guidelines around troubleshooting common error faced after upgrade.