Owner field on Roadmap is not in sync with Investment Manager field


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Owner field on roadmap is not in sync with Investment Owner/Manager field of a custom investment object. Do we need to create a custom field Owner on custom investment object to ensure auto-population of owner field at roadmap Items level?


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Component : Roadmaps


You would need to create a new custom attribute on both the Custom Investment (or applicable object) and Roadmap Item object (with matching API Attribute IDs, Lookup data types, and lookups in order for them to sync). See Sync custom attributes from Project/Idea to Roadmap for steps on how to do this. This applies to any Out of the box attribute where the API Attribute is in the old naming convention and un-editable). 

Note: To copy over existing data, one option is to create a custom attribute and process, see steps below. 

  1. Create a new custom attribute with the same API Attribute ID on the project and roadmap item objects
  2. Create a custom process to copy the value from the OOTB attribute to the custom attribute so that can be synced to roadmaps (No sample process is available for this, but one suggestions is reaching out in our Communities group for Clarity for ideas to see if anyone has anything they can share)

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