Sync custom attributes from Project/Idea to Roadmap
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Sync custom attributes from Project/Idea to Roadmap


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You have idea, project, or custom investment custom attributes you want to show in the roadmap item list view. These fields aren't available to select in the roadmap item list, and you can't create virtual attributes on the roadmap item object for anything but the roadmap object.


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Here are the steps below on how to add/sync the fields from your idea/projects to roadmap items using the idea example. (The API Attribute ID, Lookup Data Type, and Lookup must all match for both the Investment object and Roadmap Item object)

  1. Copy your API Attribute ID from the attribute in your idea
  2. Take note of your idea attribute's data type (IE: Lookup String) and the Lookup being used as these will be needed when creating your Roadmap Item Attribute
  3. Navigate to the Roadmap Item object
  4. Click New
  5. Enter in the required information
    • Make sure that data type matches that of the idea attribute
    • Make sure that your lookup matches that from the idea attribute
    • Paste the API Attribute ID you copied from step 1 into the API Attribute ID field (Note: If the attribute ID does not match exactly between Roadmap Item and the source object, you will not have updated attributes upon syncing!)
    • Save changes
  6. Navigate to your Roadmap and add the field created in step 5 to your roadmap item list view
  7. Click the 'Item Actions' icon then 'Sync Link Items'
  8. If you just want to update just custom attribute values, uncheck 'Sync All Attributes' first then check 'Matching Custom Attributes'
  9. Click Sync 

Additional Information

See supported attributes for synchronization at: Unable to update API Attribute ID in Roadmap Item object