Where do I find the Service URL and User ID for Email Quarantine feature in the Cloud Service for Email?
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Where do I find the Service URL and User ID for Email Quarantine feature in the Cloud Service for Email?


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Data Loss Prevention Cloud Service for Email Email Security.cloud


You have seen the announcement in the What's New Guide that the DLP Cloud Service for Email now integrates with the Email Quarantine feature in Email Security.cloud. You've seen documentation about setting up quarantine with on-prem SMG, but would like to know how to do this for DLP Cloud Service.


Release : 15.8

Component : Cloud Service for Email, in Forwarding mode with Email Security.cloud integration


The What's New Guide for DLP states that in 15.8 there is now "Cloud email quarantine and release integration with Email Security.cloud", but does not indicate how to set this up.


Instructions for configuring this feature are in the DLP "Help Center", Configuring the Enforce Server to sync with Email Security.cloud Email Quarantine (broadcom.com)

In order to complete the setup, as given in the link above, the following details are required:

  • Service URL - this is one of two URLs, depending on your region for the Email Security.cloud service:
    • https://api.us.quarantine.symantec.com
    • https://api.eu.quarantine.symantec.com
  • Service User IDService Password - the user given here is an account that must be created in the Email Security.cloud portal (aka "ClientNet"):
    • The user needs to be an Email Quarantine Administrator.
    • The Email Quarantine Administrator will have an email address to be provided as part of the setup, rather than a simple username or ID.
    • Note that the user created here is a different one than the actual login to ClientNet, which is given to all Email Security.cloud customers (even those who do not use DLP).


Additional Information

Details on how to create Email Quarantine Administrator accounts are at this Email Security.cloud Help Center page: Defining Quarantine Administrators (broadcom.com)