Requirements for Spectrum Certification Request
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Requirements for Spectrum Certification Request


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


You can use self certification to certify the device in your environment.



Here is a list of files and information that support will need to log your certification:

1) MIB walk of the device

2) Manufacturer's MIB files specific to the device. (You can generally obtain these from the manufacturer's customer support site.) Often times we are unable to obtain MIB files from manufacturers because we have not purchased the device in question. Conversely, you, as owner of the device, are entitled to the files.  To obtain a set of MIB files, contact your device's manufacturer or the device manager.  Often the MIBs are available to their customers on the manufacturer's website.

3) The specific device information such as Manufacturer, device model and device firmware version e.g. Cisco IOS version, Nortel Junos

4)  The specific statistics or OIDs you need to report on, otherwise we will presume that you are looking for basic mib2 support.  For example, specify the full OID or OID tree, and/or the variable names, or specify the technology e.g. LAN/WAN, QoS, Ethernet, Router/Switch (CPU, etc) or ATM, etc. You may include any related questions or information you think is pertinent to the device certification in your Call Ticket such as number of devices to be deployed and impact to your environment.

5) Include questions or details which you know are pertinent to the device certification such as number of devices to be deployed in your network and business impact to your environment.

Additional Information

A Certification Request cannot be submitted for review by our Certification Development team until all four of the above components have been provided. Due to the volume of Certification Requests received by our Technical Support and Certification teams this request will remain open for 10 days from the initial submission. If after those 10 days, all of the required information is not provided, this issue will be closed as unresolved. 

If at a future date you wish to revisit the Certification Request, please open a new case and submit all required information. A completed certification request can take upto 90 to complete.