Required SQL and Windows permissions for a user to run CCS SQL asset import and data collection jobs.


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Control Compliance Suite (CCS)

When you use a Windows user account to run CCS SQL scans, that user account needs to have required permissions on both the MSSQL database and the Windows server itself to be able to import SQL assets and run data collection for those assets.



Release : 12.5.x  SCU 2021-1 or later (there were numerous issues fixed in SCU 2021-1 for SQL asset import)

Component : A Windows user that will be used for SQL asset import and data collection jobs.


Please see the attached document on the required SQL and Windows permission that a user needs to be able to run a successful SQL asset import and a data collection job.

Additional Information

If you do not have a user configured in the CCS credentials for SQL asset import/data collection, and you are using agent-based data collection, then NT Authority\SYSTEM on the agent will be used.  Since SYSTEM already has rights on the server, you will need to give SYSTEM the required permissions on the SQL databases.  See the following KB:

Required SQL permission for NT Authority\SYSTEM for SQL asset import and data collection


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