How to display non-blank tasks in MUF from CA Sysview
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How to display non-blank tasks in MUF from CA Sysview


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One of the most frequently asked questions is what is going on in the MUF?  To find the answer to that question, you can issue a status by:
a) Submitting a console command /F MUFjobname,status and navigating to the bottom of the MUF JESMSGLG
b) Submit a DBUTLTY with a control card of COMM OPTION=STATUS and navigating to the bottom of the MUF JESMSGLG
c) From TSO go into Sysview (SV), issue DCLIST, select MUF of choice, then issue DCTASKS

Unfortunately with (c) sysview, if Datacom CICS Service Facility (DBC) is configured for a CICS region to have 20 tasks, but there are only 3 online users running transactions at the moment, the sysview display will show all 20 tasks. This can take up screen real-estate and leave the user with information that is of no importance. There can be even more clutter if more than one CICS region is connected to a MUF instance. 

The image down below shows for a specific MUF instance, there are two CICS regions connected (CICSPA and CICSPD) with CICSPA configured to have a total of 4 TASKS and CICSPD configured for a total 20. (Not all 20 show since the display is full).


The way to enhance your sysview display would be to:

  1. Issue DCLIST and select the MUF of choice
  2. Issue DCTASKS 
  3. Issue FORMAT
  4. On the FORMAT screen overtype the ?Add with any name of your choosing for the new profile. For this example, MYTAKS was issued, then hit <enter> which should switch to another screen and <PF3> to go back
  5. Now under the Format column, find the name that was issued and navigate to the Type column DESCR to add a description and go to SELECT and type "command nb" for non-blank values. Hit <enter> then hit <PF3> test to back out to the DCTASKS screen
  6. On the top left under FORMATS, there should be a new tab called "MYTAKS" or the name that was issued
  7. Double click on "MYTAKS" or the name issued and enter the command PROFILE SAVE and now this will default the view to show no blank values in sysview.

Image for (4. & 5.)


Image for (6)

Additional Information

Check Article 44961:"Why does SYSVIEW DCTASKS shows many server tasks but SVCOMPR STATUS shows no tasks?"

 As always, please contact Broadcom support for CA Datacom if you have further questions..