Timesheets on Closed Time Periods in MUX
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Timesheets on Closed Time Periods in MUX


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  • Until 15.9.3 and, if a user goes in Timesheets - Grid, all the timesheets, including Timesheets for Closed Periods would be displayed.
  • This could lead to performance issues, especially if there is a large amount of timesheets in the system (hundreds of thousands)
  • The workaround would be to use default views and advise all users against displaying all timesheets


Change of Behavior:

  • Starting 15.9.3 and patch, the timesheets for Closed Periods will no longer display by default in Timesheet Grid in Modern UX
  • Only timesheets from Open Time Periods will display
  • No additional actions required from the user


If you need to see timesheets from Closed time periods in MUX

A new field is added, that can be used to specifically select and show them:

Time Period Is Open

  • Set this to No, and it will return all the timesheets for Closed time periods.
  • If you set to Yes, it will display all the timesheets for Open time periods.
  • To display both Open and Closed time periods, select the below option Time Period Is Open Is Not Empty ( Note: The All option will no longer work as expected due to the change,  Time Period Is Open Is Not Empty has to be used)

Note : We do not recommend using the Time Period Is Open - Not Empty filter often on an environment with many hundreds of timesheets. Other filters should also be used to avoid a performance overhead on the Clarity application server

When the TIme Period is Closed and the Timesheet Is Open

  • For Closed time periods, the Timesheets that are Open and have never been opened/edited, will not display in Timesheet Grid in MUX
  • Those are considered to be virtual timesheets
  • To see them in MUX you will have to open the respective period for time entry

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