Purging content from the LiveUpdate Administrator database
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Purging content from the LiveUpdate Administrator database


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Endpoint Protection


LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA) content is not getting properly purged from the database (through maintenance schedules), or has been removed in a manner that either affects the integrity of the database or the functionality of LUA.


Failed purge schedules can result in a steadily growing collection of LUA content which will consume additional drive space over time.

Manually removing content from the Download and Distribution Center folders in an unsupported way can result in corruption of the database, which can cause some or all LUA tasks to fail.


There are a few methods for addressing issues related to the integrity of the LUA content repository.   Those methods are:

  • LUA Content Reset tool
  • Manual removal 
  • Backup and reinstall LUA


Please choose one of the following options:


LUA Content Reset tool

The lua_content_cleanup tool and the instructions for running it are both attached to this article.  Please download both to utilize this tool.

Manually remove content

To manually purge content, see LUA 2.3 distribution fails with the error "contents are missing in Content Repository"

Back up and reinstall LiveUpdate Administrator

A backup and reinstallation of LUA will restore the settings and schedules, but not the content.  This will resolve most LUA issues.

See Backup and restore LUA 2.3 configurations


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