Reset Password for PGP Administrators on PGP Encryption Server (Symantec Encryption Management Server)
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Reset Password for PGP Administrators on PGP Encryption Server (Symantec Encryption Management Server)


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The PGP Encryption Server has Server Roles to be able to perform all the administrative tasks required to manage the PGP Encryption solutions. 

One of the roles is the ability to reset passwords.  Not all Administrators on the PGP server have the ability to reset a password. 

This article shows you how to reset a password on the PGP server.  If you are using a regular "Passphrase" Administrator on the PGP Encryption Server, we recommend migrating over to the "Directory Authentication" method as this will be in sync with your domain passwords.  For more information on this functionality, see the following article:

171746 - PGP Administrator Password Complexity Enforcement via Directory Authentication for PGP Encryption Server


In order to reset the password for other users, your Admin account must first have the 'Superuser' role.  The Superuser role has the ability to manage everything related to the server, and only Superuser has the ability to manage other Administrator accounts:


First, to reset the password, navigate to the System, Administrators page:

In this scenario, we will reset the policy for the administrator, "User1".  Note: Usernames for the PGP Server administrators are case sensitive.


Now click on User1 and the Administrator Settings page will come up:

Now click the "Reset Passphrase..." button.  The following screen will appear where you can enter the new passphrase for User1:

Once you've put the new passphrase in, click Save and then have the administrator login.

As mentioned above, if you notice an Administrator has an uppercase character, make sure they know this is the case as the login is case-sensitive. 

User1 must capitalize U for the login to then be successful for the new password that was set.


If you are unable to login with your Super User administrator account on SEMS, please reach out to Symantec Encryption Support and we'll be happy to assist you.

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