XCOMJOB step abends ABEND=S000 U4093 REASON=00000090 after apply latest maintenance.
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XCOMJOB step abends ABEND=S000 U4093 REASON=00000090 after apply latest maintenance.


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XCOM Data Transport - z/OS


The latest fixes via MSM on CA-XCOM R12.0, z/OS V2R3 have been applied.

1 issue  has been found, which is different than before the maintenance:

Before the maintenance we always got the error message :

XCOMM1600E Call to BPX1GPI IBM UNIX System Service failed ( XCOMSTSK+27BC )                                                               

XCOMM1601E R15=0F018002 - z/OS UNIX is not running                    


Step rc=16  

Which we used to test in the next steps (cc=16 means No Unix running) 

After the latest maintenance we get the error   :

CEE5101C During initialization, the callable service BPX1MSS failed. The system return code was 0000000156 , the reason code was 0B0B0026 . The application will be terminated.  

A transaction dump is written to a dataset and the step abends with:

ABEND=S000 U4093 REASON=00000090 

Why do we get the LE abend, and is it possible to avoid it? (with Unix not running)





Release : 12.0

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS


XCOM does not directly call BPX1MSS.

We had to add signal handling processing (which is initialized by module BPX1MSS) by adding calls to ignore certain TCP/IP signals.  
This is because certain networks generate signals to indicate problems on the network.  

This meant that we had to add code to ignore certain signals because they were causing S0C4 abends in XCOM code that supports TCP/IP.  

This module is being driven by the LE to setup that processing when a new Language Environment is being created.

XCOM on z/OS REQUIRES that USS be active and available in order to run, we are unable to revert the changes that were made to protect ourselves from TCP/IP network signals.

Additionally, XCOM is not the only product to advise this. Linked Knowledge article 60227 ( advises customers that the USS environment is incomplete when presented with the same symptoms. This can also be found HERE

The best recommendation on this is to stop running XCOM when USS isn't active.