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Symantec Encryption Management Server modifications can cause crontab entries to be reset to default values


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Symantec Encryption Management Server (SEMS) is a powerful server that includes many features ranging from hosting Symantec Encryption Desktop clients to managing PGP Keys with PGP Command to encrypting email in the gateway deployment for secure email communications.  Sometimes there are custom jobs that can be configured in scheduled tasks to perform other specific operations.  

If Symantec Enterprise Division has helped customize any of these cronjobs, modifying the backup schedule can wipe these values out.

TIP: For information on backups with Symantec Encryption Management Server, see the following article:

180249 - HOW TO: Configure the Backup Location and schedule for Encryption Management Server




There are three scenarios that can cause the contents of crontab to be overwritten.


Scenario 1: Changing anything in the Backup Schedule

In the following screenshot, click on the "Backup Schedule" button and you'll see the days and time for when the backups will take place:


In the screenshot, if you were to modify any of the values above, uncheck a day, or change the time, and click save, this will overwrite the values.


Scenario 2: Restoring a backup on SEMS

In addition to this, if you were to restore a backup of the SEMS, this will also overwrite these values to default.


Scenario 3: Doing a backup from one version of the SEMS to another.

For example, if you upgraded from SEMS 3.4.2 to the newer version SEMS 10.5, this can overwrite the values.




If modifications have been made in the crontab, your support contact should make a backup of this.  It is highly recommended to always make a backup of this so that you can restore the backup if needed.

These modifications should be done only with the help of support.  If you are concerned that some of your cronjobs may be overwritten and need help with this, please contact Symantec Support and we can assist you with this:

209191 - Logging a Support case with Symantec Encryption

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