PGP Server - Symantec Encryption Management Server - Database Maintenance Options
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PGP Server - Symantec Encryption Management Server - Database Maintenance Options


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Symantec Encryption Management Server includes many features ranging from simple key management for the Keyserver feature to managing Symantec Encryption Desktop clients (PGP Desktop) to full gateway deployment for email encryption in the mail flow.  The more busy the server is, the more frequently the server needs to be maintained.  In a busy database, "cruft" can accumulate taking hard drive space that could otherwise be used.

Regular maintenance is performed automatically and for less-busy environments, these automatic maintenance routines are sufficient.  For busier environments with larger databases it is necessary to perform a more thorough operation.



It is beneficial to perform these more thorough operations on larger databases.  If the Symantec Encryption Management Server is larger than 100GBS in size, support can assist.  In some environments, the database size can be decreased as much as 80% depending on how long it has been between these more thorough database maintenance routines.

For assistance performing these more thorough operations, please contact support for assistance:

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