New Clarity Rally Integration - debugging / log troubleshooting
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New Clarity Rally Integration - debugging / log troubleshooting


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Starting in 15.9.2 there is a New Clarity Rally Integration. This article walks you through the steps to enable debugging for the new integration. For the old integration, see Enable debug logs for Rally in Clarity


New Clarity Rally Integration

Clarity 15.9.2 and higher


  1. Go to Logs in CSA (Or log in to Classic Clarity and change the URL as follows after action: SERVERNAME:PORT/niku/nu#action:security.logs)
  2. Go to Logs – Edit Configuration and add the following Categories, going to Appenders STDOUT and AGL: 
  1. If your environment has multiple servers, repeat step 2 for each server in the server drop down.
  2. If Detect Changes Automatically is NOT selected than you also must restart the app/bg services
  3. Reproduce the issue and provide the following logs for the time frame the issue was reproduced:
    • app-ca.log
    • bg-ca.log
    • Note: It may be required to also provide the .1, .2, .3 versions of the logs as well depending on how quickly the logs are overwritten.
  1. Once the issue is reproduced, disable debugging by changing the status of each category below from Debug to Fatal and click Save

Additional Information

See also: Debugging/logs for troubleshooting Clarity Issues