Controller tray component failed
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Controller tray component failed


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Security Analytics


The following alert may be seen in the audit logs: 

Shelf <identifier>; Date/Time: 4/21/21 10:49:24 AM; Sequence number: 11582; Priority: Critical; Description: Controller tray component failed; Component type: Power Supply; Component location: Tray 99, Power Supply canister 2, Slot x;

The sequence number and the Slot number will vary depending on the hardware being used.


NetApp Storage Array


Usually this is due to a failed power supply.  This can be caused by a power outage as well or a loose power supply cord. Check all of these things first. If everything looks good and there were no power outages, it is best to generate a support log bundle from the array.  This can be generated either using the SANtricity user interface or by using an SMcli command.  Details on how to generate a log bundle can be found in KB Article 210792, "How to generate a support bundle for Dell MD3860 or NetApp attached storage"

Once the log bundle has been generated, open a support case with Broadcom support for further analysis and possible RMA of a failed power supply.