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Timesheet Notifications get sent automatically without using a process definition


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Users receive email notifications on submitted timesheets from resources in Clarity PPM who they are not a Resource Manager of, or from resources that do not report to them based on the organizational structure. Some recipients do not want these notifications and they are considered spam or extra email notifications. 



Clarity PPM SaaS/On Premise.


Email notifications for timesheets, out of the box without using a process, are purely driven by the timesheet approval right. As an alternative, custom processes can be created to control the notifications sent.  Account settings modified by individual users can control if notifications are received.

See this KD article for how to check who has the Timesheet approval right.
  • Global timesheet approval right should be avoided unless someone in the organization needs to get a notification every submitted timesheet; this right also has been found to work inconsistently on certain versions. In newer versions  of Clarity the behavior has changed so that Global timesheet approval right will no longer trigger any timesheet notification
  • Custom process can be created to send action items based on resource/project hierarchy and/or properties, such as based on who the Resource Manager of the timesheet submitter is. At the same time, you can turn off email notifications for Timesheets, while turning on email notifications for Action Items on user's Account Settings. This will allow you to send timesheet notification emails to users based on your own set of criteria
    • If a custom process is not preferred, it is recommended that the system be configured to use instance to OBS or OBS to OBS rights so that a specific user has the right over everyone on an OBS and descendant or everyone on an OBS has the right over everyone on another OBS and descendants.

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