Timesheets not being approved
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Timesheets not being approved


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Why are timesheets not being approved automatically?
What rights are needed for a resource manager or project manager to view and approve timesheets?


Timesheet approvals and corresponding notifications are not automatically granted/sent to Resource Managers.

The rights must be explicitly granted either through Global, OBS or Instance rights.


Ensure the resource has the correct access to approve the timesheet

Consider the following example:

ResourceA is a timesheet submitter.

ResourceB is a timesheet approver.

  • In order for ResourceB to see ResourceA on the Timesheets list page, the following rights are needed:
    1. global(Timesheets - Navigate) to view the list page.
    2. instance(Resource - Enter Time) to view ResourceA on the list page
    3. OBS level Resource - Enter Time (for this the resources must be in the OBS)

      If this right is not provided to the own user, re-add it as the error will appear and prevent users from accessing their own timesheet.
      TMA-0112: You don't have sufficient rights to change the timesheet.
  • In order for ResourceB to approve timesheets, the following rights are needed:
    1. Instance right(Resource - Approve time) for each resource or
    2. Global right(Timesheet - Approve All)
    3. OBS level Resource - Approve Time (for this the resources must be in the OBS)

Resource A must have the following set:

  1. Track mode = PPM
  2. Open for Time Entry
  3. Be added to a project team that is 'Open for Time Entry'
  4. Be assigned to task

Another option is to create a timesheet approval process.  This will allow timesheets to route to the Resource Manager and they can approve the timesheet directly from an action item without having the explicit rights.

  • If there is a timesheet approval process, check if the requirements are fulfilled as there are conditions that have not been met, in order for the process to start as expected.
  • The user submitting the timesheet will need the instance right: Process - Start