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UIM - CABI is not available or accessible in OC after upgrading to UIM 20.3.3


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The upgrade ended OK, but in OC dashboard I just get the message:

Strangely, the cabi is up and running (http://<cabi_robot>/cabijs) and I was able to login (superuser:superuser)



Before login to OC,  opened the Chrome developers tools (F12). After login to OC, and get the error message, in console tab an error 503 is thrown:

HTTP error 503 means Service Unavailable, but it was already confirmed the cabi is up and running. Strangely the ip address in the POST request, match the cabi robot ip address.

It may happen that a specific service didn't start correctly, hence the error 503.

NOTE: Another scenario when the same error 503 has been observed is when using an external URL to access CABI Server, but the cabi robot has blocked the traffic to the public ip. The cabi can be accessed using the private ip/hostname/fqdn, but not when using the public fqdn/ip. To resolve this particular scenario, the rule blocking the traffic to the public ip it needs to be removed from the firewall.




Release : 20.3



Please try next:

1. Deactivate cabi probe and wasp probe on cabi robot. Delete the cabi log (nimsoft/probes/service/cabi/cabi.log) and wasp log (nimsoft/probes/service/wasp/wasp.log)
2. Deactivate wasp probe on OC robot, and delete the wasp log (nimsoft/probes/service/wasp/wasp.log) and operatorconsole logs (nimsoft/probes/service/wasp/operatorconsole.log.*)
3. Activate the wasp probe on OC robot
4. Activate the cabi probe and wasp probe in cabi robot

If problem persist, log a case, and attach the new set of logs.

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