Collecting logs for Dell VA084/U840 or VA012/U144 storage arrays
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Collecting logs for Dell VA084/U840 or VA012/U144 storage arrays


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Security Analytics


Components may fail in a Dell U144 or VA012 or a Dell U840 or VA084 storage array.  This also includes the Dell ME4084 arrays.  The logs will illustrate the issue in order to diagnose the root cause.  You may need to gather the storage logs or generate the logs.


Hardware, especially disks, fail periodically. 


Collecting storage logs from the Security Analytics UI

 The simplest method to collect the logs from the storage array is to log in to Security Analytics UI and select Settings -> System.  Then select Download Storage Array Information.  This is available in release 8.2.6 and newer.  After 5-10 minutes, your browser will have you save the file.  Attach the file to the case.  When there is a suspected hardware problem, always include a shipping address with a contact name and phone number.


Collecting storage logs from the command line

For those systems running newer releases, there has been a feature to allow the logs to be collected in the Web UI.  The utility will produce a current status of the U144 or U840 storage arrays attached to your sensor.  Go to Settings -> System and find the Storage Array Information section.  Select "Download Storage Array Information" and the file with the logs contained will be collected and bundled to allow you to download what is needed.  Be sure to include shipping information when attaching the bundle to a case.

To see the current status of the array, run as root, -H

To collect the configuration, historical logs, and current status, run -S.  A file named like is produced.  That can be attached to your case so that parts can be replaced if needed.


If this is the first time collecting the logs, you will need to ssh to the storage array to write the public key to /root/.ssh/known_hosts.  Enter Yes to accept the public key and then Ctrl-C when prompted for the password.  This is not needed in 8.2.3 and newer. 

The system will run for a few minutes to collect the logs and will produce a compressed file with a name similar to  /home/  Attach this file to the case.   To decrease time to resolution for you, please include a complete shipping address with a contact name and phone number.

Collecting logs from the Storage Manager UI

Storage logs can be downloaded from the PowerVault Manager UI as well.  Once logged in, locate the server icon in the bottom left corner of the page footer and click the image.  A pop-up will appear where you can click "Save Logs"

Attach the file to the case.  Always include shipping information with a contact name and phone number when there is a suspected hardware problem.

Additional Information

These systems are also known by Dell to be ME4.

The logs are stored in a store_......log file inside the or file.  The store.log file includes many useful details.  

  • The asset tag for the array is on the line after the SKU keyword. 
  • The status of the logical volumes and physical disks are located above the SKU entry. 
  • The release level is found in the log file by searching for "Bundle Version". 
  • To see previous errors, search for "show events a:" and then look at the lines in the section above.  Look for the ERROR label.

Release "GT280R011-01" is highly recommended.  See Upgrading firmware on the Dell U144 and U184 storage arrays