Upgrading firmware on the Dell U144 and U184 storage arrays
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Upgrading firmware on the Dell U144 and U184 storage arrays


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Security Analytics


To upgrade the firmware on the Dell V012 or VA084 appliances, it is a good idea to first check with Broadcom support to confirm which firmware is required.  Firmware can be downloaded from Dell's support site by first entering the service tag and searching for the latest firmware.



This is also known as the Dell ME4 or the Dell VA084 and Dell VA012



Warning:  All disk I/O should be halted before updating the firmware.  To do this, run:  scotus stop from the command line and wait for it to complete.  Once firmware updates are done, run: scotus start to start all the services up.  There is no need to reboot the Security Analytics appliance or the storage.

Step 1: Retrieving The Firmware Update From Dell

The VA012 and VA084 both have 2 network ports, one for each controller. 

The most recent firmware is kept by Dell in their support library or can be downloaded below.  As of April 2023, the latest version is GT280R011-01.  You will need to download the controller and the disk firmware.  These can also be done separately, as needed. There are no interruptions for the controller update but the disk update will require that all disk traffic be stopped.

  1. Login to the storage array with your browser to obtain the Service Tag.  It is found by hovering your mouse over the System name on the top row, center of the line.
  2. Check your firmware level by clicking the "Action" button on the System Page. Select Update Firmware to see the release levels and be prepared to upgrade, if necessary.
  3. In a new tab on your browser, enter the URL, support.dell.com
  4. Enter the Service Tag/Serial number of the storage array
  5. Select Drivers and Downloads
  6. For the controller firmware, select Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series Storage Controller Firmware. As of this writing, the most recent release is GT280R011-01 (attached below for your convenience).
  7. For the disk firmware, if needed, select Dell PowerVault ME Series Storage HDD/SSD Firmware. As of April 2023, A32 is the most recent version.  (attached below for your convenience)

For both the controllers and the disks -

  1. Unzip the files.
Log in as the user you created during the setup process.

Step 2: Updating the Firmware on Controller A and Controller B

  1. Navigate to the System page by clicking on the System icon on the left panel. 

  2. The System page will vary depending on what external storage you have attached.   
    • SA-STAG8-5U840 System Page
    • SA-STAG8-2U144 with two SA-STAG8-1X144 units attached.
  3. Click The "Action" button on the System Page and select "Update Firmware" to open the dialog.
    • Update Firmware popup dialog
    • Note: The version listed for Controller A and Controller B should be the same.
  4. Compare the versions listed with the current version available from Dell and download the latest version.
  5. Click on the "Choose File" button and navigate to where you unzipped the Dell update.
  6. Click on the .bin file and select "Open"
  7. To update both Controller A and Controller B at the same time make sure that "Partner Firmware Update" is selected.  When this is checked the update will configure Controller B and then Controller A.  It will take an extra 20 minutes to complete.  If this is not checked you will have to manually log into Controller B and perform the update there. (see Update Firmware popup dialog graphic above)
  8. Once you have uploaded the firmware the "OK" button will be highlighted and click it to start.
  9. Wait for the update to complete.  The controller will reboot once it has completed the firmware update and then the screen will return and you can verify the firmware has been updated.

Step 3: Updating the Firmware on the Hard Drives

  1. Navigate to the System page by clicking on the System icon on the left panel
  2. The System page will vary depending on what external storage you have attached.  
  3. Click The "Action" button on the System Page and select "Update Firmware" to open the dialog.
  4. Select the "Update Disk Drives" tab.
  5. Verify the "Revision" number and the "Vendor" from the Table above.
  6. Download the updated drive firmware from the Dell support site.
  7. Copy the file into a folder and unzip it.
  8. Locate the appropriate Vendor folder that was created when you unzipped the file. (i.e. HGST)
  9. Open the Vendor folder and locate the appropriate .bin file.  (If the revision was NM07 then the upgrade would be NMxx.bin).  NOTE! If there are more than one drive type in the system the update must be performed for each drive type.
  10. Multiple drives may be selected by holding the shift key.  To select all the drives Select the first drive as shown above and while holding the SHFT key down use the Right arrow on the right side of the popup to navigate to the last screen then select the last drive on the last screen.  This will select all the drives in the system including any expansion units.  (Do NOT Mix Drive Types or Vendors)
  11. Select the "Choose File" option and navigate to the folder where you unzipped the updates then select the appropriate file.
  12. Once you have selected the correct firmware for the drives you have selected click "Open".
  13. Once the above selections have been made the "OK" button will be highlighted.  Click it.  (Make sure NO IO is happening on the drives!)
  14. The firmware will be uploaded and the update process will begin.
  15. Once this screen is visible refresh the Management screen and return to the Firmware update screens and verify the drives are all at the current version.
  16. If any different Vendor drives or models are in the system, repeat this process for those drives.


A32_ME_Series_HDD_Firmware_with_ReadMe_1681507698713.zip get_app
GT280R011-01-dellemc_1681507614989.zip get_app