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VIP Enterprise Gateway Self-Service (SSP) IdP Portal or MyVIP service will not start. Fails with network or time error.


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VIP Service


VIP Self-Service Portal or MyVIP Enterprise IdP Service will not start. Error "There may be a problem with the network connectivity of system time. Verify the network connectivity and make sure VIP Enterprise Gateway service time is set correctly and try again". 


- Incorrect local server time
- Network connectivity to the VIP Cloud


  • Run the VIP Diagnostic Tool from the VIP EG server and observe the time in the logs\VIPDiagnotic.log.  The local VIP EG server time (converted to UTC) cannot deviate by more than 5 minutes from the VIP server UTC time. Example (in epoch time):
    AUDIT "2020-12-11 22:17:49.494 GMT-0600" "[VipDiagnostic] Test - Server Time Check"
    AUDIT "2020-12-11 22:17:49.822 GMT-0600" "[VipDiagnostic:testServerTimeCheck] Successfully fetched server time. serverTime: 1607746669000"
    INFO  "2020-12-11 22:17:49.822 GMT-0600" "[VipDiagnostic:testServerTimeCheck] Local time ahead of server time"
    AUDIT "2020-12-11 22:17:49.822 GMT-0600" "[VipDiagnostic:testServerTimeCheck] Time difference between serverTime and localTime is 0 seconds"
    INFO  "2020-12-11 22:17:49.822 GMT-0600" "[VipDiagnostic:testServerTimeCheck] Server time and local time are in sync."
    AUDIT "2020-12-11 22:17:50.119 GMT-0600" "[VipDiagnostic] Test - Server Time Check: [ Success ]"
  • A serverTime value of 0 indicates the server could not reach or resolve Whitelist this URL and other VIP URLs. See: Default ports and protocols
  • Open the VIP Enterprise Gateway console, then open the Healthcheck settings. If the service is enabled, stop the service, increase the polling interval by 1 second, then restart the service. Doing this 'resets' the Healthcheck service. The 1 seconds change can be rolled back anytime.