Delete Resources / Users from Clarity - Is this Possible?
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Delete Resources / Users from Clarity - Is this Possible?


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There are times when Clarity administrators are requested to remove / purge resources from the system. Is it possible to delete Resources or Users?

Example: We want to purge some of the resources (who have been terminated prior to “x” number of years) from Clarity.


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: Clarity Resource Management


Deleting / Purging Resources or Users is not possible through the user interface by design to keep data integrity intact. Direct database action is not supported as this is high-risk, and could render the underlying data-set as unusable. Deletion of certain data, could potentially be in violation of Sarbanes-Oxley, federal audits, or other corporate review boards.

In scenarios where a Resource/User is requested to be removed, the current Best Practice method is the following:

  1. Deactivate and lock the resource and user respectively in the application on both the Administration and Home properties page
    • Other users cannot assign deactivated resources or roles to tasks.
    • The inactive resource or role continues to appear in the resource list unless you filter it out. 
      1. To inactivate a user from both the Administration and Home->Resources side

        1. In the Clarity Menu, go to Administration, and from Organization and Access, click Resources.
        2. Click on a Clarity Resource
        3. Update the status to the appropriate level (inactive or locked)
          • Active: (Default) Activates and enables the resource for assignment projects.
          • Inactive: Deactivates and prevents the resource from being assigned to projects unless the filter is set to display inactive resources.
          • Lock: Prevents the resource from logging in to Clarity.
        4. This will inactivate the user from Home->Resources as well.
      2. To inactivate the user only from Home->Resources

        1. Open Home, and from Resource Management, click Resources.
        2. Open the resource or role.
        3. Clear the Active check box, and click Save.
    • Change the resource name (or resource ID if not financially enabled).
      1. Once a resource has become financially enabled the resource ID field becomes locked and cannot be changed.
      2. Reference Is it possible to change a Resource ID??
    • Clearly mark the deactivated Resource names with "DO NOT USE" or your own variant, as part of the update
    • Remove security access rights associated with the user profile to release the licensing count reported on the License Information Portlets.

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