DDM sync issue to Spectrum Report Manager database - Exception occurs while retrieving events for <LANDSCAPE>
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DDM sync issue to Spectrum Report Manager database - Exception occurs while retrieving events for <LANDSCAPE>


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


SRM Synchronization for the some landscapes is not taking place.  From the Spectrum WEB GUI -> Administration -> SPECTRUM Status, the Last Event Time for some landscapes is stuck to several days before.

The following exception is generated repeatedly in the Spectrum Tomcat log file:

Aug 16, 2021 19:14:17.601 (SRM/EventPoller/<LANDSCAPE>) (SRM_Events) - (ERROR) - Expection occurs while retrieving events for <LANDSCAPE>. retrying in cycle 


Caused by: exception com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCException.CsCSpectrumException {

com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCError.CsCError_e error=DOES_NOT_EXIST,

java.lang.String messageFormatID="CsCEventDomain.getNextEventListByAttrFilter.requestID.DOES_NOT_EXIST",

com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue[] messageValueList={union com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue {

java.lang.String textString="CsEventDSrvc.cc"

},union com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue {

java.lang.String textString="%I% %G% %U%"

},union com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue {

int intValue=962

},union com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue {

java.lang.String textString="<LANDSCAPE>"

},union com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue {

int intValue=0

},union com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue {

java.lang.String textString="<LANDSCAPE>/CsCEventDomain"

},union com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue {

int intValue=1843



        at com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCException.CsCSpectrumExceptionHelper.read(CsCSpectrumExceptionHelper.java:40)

        at com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl._CsCEventDomainStub.getNextEventListByAttrFilter(_CsCEventDomainStub.java:1458)

        at com.aprisma.spectrum.app.repmgr.dc.event.EventDataModel.getEvents(EventDataModel.java:452)

        at com.aprisma.spectrum.app.repmgr.dc.event.EventPoller.doHandleEvents(EventPoller.java:910)

        at com.aprisma.spectrum.app.repmgr.dc.event.EventPoller.handleEvents(EventPoller.java:801)

        at com.aprisma.spectrum.app.repmgr.dc.event.EventPollerTask.run(EventPollerTask.java:100)

        at com.aprisma.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(TimerEx.java:617)

        at com.aprisma.util.TimerThread.run(TimerEx.java:535)


Even after applying changes advised in KB : Event sync between Archive Manager & SRM very slow with CORBA "DOES_NOT_EXIST" exception found in Spectrum Tomcat log however the SRM event synchronization remains extremely slow.


Release : 20.2,21.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


This is generally indicative of performance issues with regard to SRM on the OneClick server. The following are some techniques that may alleviate the issue:

  1. Under Spectrum WEB GUI->Report manager->Preferences, change the instant_event_poller_processing_interval from 5 minutes to 60 minutes to allow for greater time to process the current sync before attempting another.

  2. Change the MaxLandscapeThreads parameter from the default value 2 to the number of your landscapes in the file:


    For example, if you have 6 landscapes, then it would be:

    <context-param xmlns="">




          The maximum number of landscapes that will be read in parallel.



  3. Restart the Spectrum tomcat

  4. If there are no significant improvements in performance, analyze the top 10 events directly in the Archive Manager DDMdb (MySQL):

    mysql> SELECT HEX(type), COUNT(*) AS cnt FROM event GROUP BY type ORDER BY cnt DESC LIMIT 10;
    | HEX(type) | cnt       |
    | 10802     | 429879784 |
    | 210D88    | 111465994 |



    The output will show if you have any events types that are high in number, with the count in the millions. Check what events these are under OneClick -> Tools menu -> Utilities -> Event Configuration

  5. If there are events associated with unmanaged traps and possibly a trap storm whereby an un-modeled device is flooding Spectrum with traps, then the associated events can be disabled as per the following KB:

    KB : How can unmanaged traps in SPECTRUM be disabled (event 0x10802)?

  6. You can also delete the event from the Archive Manager DDMdb if it is unwanted. For example: 


  7. Then run an optimize of the DDMdb by executing the script (if you want to reclaim unused space - marked as deleted to be reused):


  8. Instead of deleting the events from the DDMdb (step 6), you can create an Event Processing Filter on the SRM machine.

    a. Copy the event-processing-filter.xml and event-processing-filter-schema.xsd files to the 'custom' directory. For example, see the following syntax:

    cp <$SPECROOT>/tomcat/webapps/spectrum/WEB-INF/repmgr/config/event-processing-filter-schema.xsd  <$SPECROOT>/custom/repmgr/config/

    cp <$SPECROOT>/tomcat/webapps/spectrum/WEB-INF/repmgr/config/events/event-processing-filter.xml  <$SPECROOT>/custom/repmgr/config/

    b. Edit the event-processing-filter.xml to reflect your selected filtering strategy.

    For example, see the following syntax:





    Note: You can only ignore events that are associated with specific models or event types.

    c. Restart the Tomcat service.

    The specified event processing filters are now in effect.

    Note: Events code listed in Appendix A. Spectrum Events Used by Report Manager should not be added in the event-processing-filter.xml file.

Additional Information

If the number  of events to delete (select count(*) from event where type=0x10802;)  is very huge, you could delete only a subset specifying a time range of one week at time.


delete from event where type=0x10802 and from_unixtime(utime) > '2020-05-01 00:00:00' and from_unixtime(utime) < '2020-05-07 00:00:00';

delete from event where type=0x10802 and from_unixtime(utime) > '2020-05-08 00:00:00' and from_unixtime(utime) < '2020-05-15 00:00:00';