Invalid token error in case management
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Invalid token error in case management


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Support Portal


Connecting to Cases Management from the Support portal based on business division selection the screen freezes on unable to access case management system or “Authenticating user” after login



As per your organization’s cybersecurity policies, the APIs have been blocked in your office network (when you are connected to the office Wifi, LAN or VPN).


How you can identify this issue:

When you click on the Cases Management from the Support portal based on business division selection, the screen won’t allow you to view your cases instead it keeps loading with the message “Authenticating user”


Steps to be taken to overcome this and successfully log in to your case management system:

  1. You will have to report this to your IT support team and share the URLs that you have problem with.
  2. As per your organization’s process, raise a firewall change request to allow the access to domain on port 443. Your IT team should be able to approve the firewall change request based on the issue description and the cause provided in this document.

  3. Post the confirmation from your IT team that the access has been granted for domain, you can clear the cache of your browsers and login to the case management system.
    You should be able to log in and view cases.

  4. If you face the same issue where the screen is stuck with “Authenticating user” post the firewall rules update, please capture the relevant screenshot and share with your account manager for further assistance.