COMMON SERVICES: IBM and SCRT report requirements


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CA Common Services for z/OS


Running Common Services 14.1 and moving to Common Services 15.0.  

The SCRT report is required for reporting usage.  Not running 15.0 yet which includes the CAISCRT jcl.

Is it correct to send the IBM SCRT report instead, until upgrading to Common Services 15.0?  


COMMON SERVICES 15.0 - z/OS supported releases - 


The IBM SCRT report does not have any information regarding CA/BROADCOM products.

The ISV SCRT report is required, and all current maintenance has been released for both 15.0 and 14.1, including the CAISCRT job.

SO15860 was the latest SCRT PTF for Common Services 14.1, that was the updated JCL with the UTC time.  
SO15860 and all PRE’s should get the reports up to date. 

SO15571 is actually the latest PTF for 14.1 and it has a PRE for all the others.