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DX OI - Many ServiceNow incidents and Service Alarms are being created


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DX Operational Intelligence DX OI SaaS


We had 175+ tickets and about 660+ alerts we need cleanup of those seems to be incorrect or duplicated 
What we can do to avoid this situation going forward? 



DX Operational Intelligence 1.3.x, 20.x
DX Application Performance Management 11.x, 20.x


1) Check if common entities are shared across multiple Services
Below is an examples showing an entity shared across multiple Services 
By design, if a single alarm is generated, it will create 2 services alarms which subsequently will create multiple SNOW incidents. 
You might want to revisit your Services definitions.
2) doi-servicealarm POD > SERVICE_ALARM_GROUPING_TIME (default is 5 minutes)
By design, if the Service Alarm is not closed after 5 minutes, the result will be that a new Service Alarm (s) and Incident(s) will be created for the same entity
The default time window might be too small so you consider increasing the property accordingly to your requirements.  If you are using a SaaS environment contact Broadcom Support 

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