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Clarity PPM: What is the business logic for Idea Status Lookup Values?


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In some instances, there are times where some values do not appear.

What are the rules of the Idea Investment Status attribute values?


Upon creating a new Idea, only 2 status values appear 'Unapproved' and 'Submitted for Approval'.

Once the status has been changed to 'Submitted for Approval', the following additional values appear: 'Rejected', 'Incomplete', and 'Approved'.

If the status is 'Approved', the following values appear: 'Incomplete', 'Rejected', 'Submitted for Approval'.

If the status is 'Incomplete' it indicates a request for more information. The idea can then be directly 'Approved' or 'Submitted for Approval' again.

If an 'Incomplete' Idea Status is changed to 'Rejected', an error message is shown (INV-0007: Please enter a valid status code).

This is because the Idea should first be 'Submitted for Approval' and then 'Approved' or 'Rejected'.