UIM - System Component Missing error
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UIM - System Component Missing error


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We just upgraded UIM 9.0.2 to 20.3. The upgrade went fine but when launch OC we received a popup error " System component missing CA Business Intelligence system component is needed"


We found the solution on your site below indicating hotfix robot_update_9.32.zip will correct the issue.



Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - ROBOT

- Customer followed a few articles but could not avoid the error
- Test environment
- Windows 2016 OS Cabi (Jaspersoft Server)
- cabi bundled

CABI login page-> http://<robot>/cabijs/login.html


Customer could not login directly to cabi with superuser/superuser



- multiple installation/upgrade configuration issues

- root cause of error was ump_cabi 4.2.2 was deployed in 20.3.0 environment.

- ump_cabi v4.2.1 is required for UIM 20.3.0


Customer originally using IE 11 browser. Customer's End users use IE11 not chrome.
Switched to Chrome since IE 11 is not supported for CABI.

Recommended: cabi on dedicated robot under the Primary hub, not under a secondary hub.

- cabi 4.30
- wasp 20.30
- cabi 8GB RAM
- robot 9.32
- OC was installed and running on the Primary hub in this case
- deleted cabi key in wasp config via Raw configuration since it was placed in the wrong location
- OC contains the 'cabi' key in the wasp probe. 'cabi_url' setting/path should be set in cabi probe not in wasp. cabi url should be set in cabi probe.

cabi robot:
ump_cabi 4.2.2 mistakenly installed on it. Not the right version for UIM 20.3.0.

login to cabi server at:

Error: via F12 browser DEV tools->
'server_info' error
'Page not found" under Network-> 'Response' header
'CA Operator Console - Page Not Found'

wasp error on the Primary showed: "End of stream while trying to read header" and Caused by: java.io.EOFException: End of stream while trying to read header

Note that the cabi portlet is a bridge between OC and the cabi server.

Restarted cabi robot but errors persisted.

After restart of robot, wasp log showed 'Invalid SID' error.

Deployed ump_cabi v4.21 since that is appropriate for 20.3.0.

ump_cabi v4.2.1 is appropriate for 20.3.0.

ump_cabi 4.22 is for 20.3.1

ump_cabi 4.2.3 is for 20.3.2

System Component Missing error was resolved, and most of the pages/icons displayed data.

Advised customer to upgrade to 20.3.2.