Install or Upgrade to SEP 14.3 RU1 failed on Windows 2008 R2.


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Endpoint Protection


When customer tried to install or upgrade to Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.3 RU1 on Windows 2008 R2, it fails with following error.
Installation is stopped. 

On Manager side:
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager requires Powershell 3.0. Please install the required Powershell version and then run again this installer.

On Client side:
Symantec Endpoint Protection can only be installed on system with SHA-2 code signing support update(KB4474419).


Powershell 3.0 is required to install process for SEPM 14.3 RU1 or later supported SEPM version.

Also, KB4474419(SHA-2 code signing support update for Windows Server 2008 R2) is required to install process for SEPC 14.3 RU1.

Please install above update on Windows before install SEP 14.3 RU1.