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DX OI - Alarms do not display the generated ServiceNow incidents


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DX Operational Intelligence


ServiceNow incidents are getting created but not displayed in the OI console


DX Operational Intelligence 1.3.x, 20.x
DX Application Performance Management 11.x, 20.x



STEP #1 : Check for errors using Developer Tools
STEP #2 : Check ElasticSearch
STEP #3 : Check doireadserver

STEP #1 : Check for errors using Developer Tools

From the "Network" tab, check the payload, verify that TicketID is created as expected and no error is reported.



STEP #2 : Check Elastic, Incidentmanagement log


DX AIOps - ServiceNow Integration Troubleshooting


STEP #3 : Check doireadserver

1) Check if doireadserver pod is running

2) Check ITSM_ENABLED = true

Go to Openshift console | Applications | pods |doireadserver, click Environments

3) Check doireaderserver log

Go to Openshift console | Applications | pods |doireadserver, click Terminal
Otherwise check the logs using kubectl as below:

kubectl get pods | grep doireadserver
kubectl log <doireadserver-pd>

tail -f /caemm/logs/ca-doi-server-log.txt

If required, you can enable DEBUG logging: 

Go to Openshift console | Applications | deployments | doireadserver, click Environment, change LOG_LEVEL = DEBUG

Additional Information

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