Protection Engine not responsive or high memory usage after upgrading to Java 8u271, 8u281


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Protection Engine for Cloud Services Protection Engine for NAS Protection for SharePoint Servers


After upgrading to Java 8u271, Symantec Protection Engine (SPE) or the server it is installed on exhibit one or more of the following behaviors until the service is restarted or the machine is rebooted:

  • SPE no longer responds to scan requests
  • The local java console is no longer accessible and you are met with an error page in Internet Explorer
  • The machine runs out of free RAM over the course of a few days to a few weeks.


There were changes in Java 8u271 that have caused instability in the local Java UI component of Protection Engine.


SPE 7.9+ with the Java UI enabled
SPSS 6.0.8+ with SPE 7.9+ and Java UI enabled
Java 8u271
Java 8u281


The instabilities caused by the Java update cannot be fixed from within SPE at this time. We recommend using one of the following methods to continue managing SPE:

  • Upgrade to SPE 8.2, disable the Java UI, and use the Centralized Cloud Console. Reach out to support for assistance onboarding to the Centralized Cloud Console.
    • If you are using SPSS, upgrade to SPSS 6.0.11 and use the packaged SPE. Disable the Java UI and use the centralized console.
  • Disable the Java UI and use the commandline to manage SPE. The local administrative console is completely optional in all supported versions of Protection Engine. It is fully functional and manageable without the console. You can perform all actions via the commandline that you normally would in the console. For information on how to do this, look for "Enable Java UI" section of the CLI guide. Download the documentation for your version of SPE from the following page:

If the local Java UI is required, you can roll back Java to a stable version to continue using the local console.

Additional Information

Note that due to changes with how Java is compiled starting with 8u261 (see Oracle's release notes), versions of SPE prior to 8.2 do not support any version of Java newer than 8u251. See the Java Support Matrix for more information.